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The Professor's Quarters

Edited by Alice D'Alessio, Albert DeGenova, Jude Genereaux, Susan O'Leary

     Nearly two years prior to his death in 2013, faithful friend and supporter of After Hours, Norbert Blei (teacher, fiction writer, poet, journalist and painter) invited some of his long-time students, all accomplished writers themselves, to contribute essays to a book he intended to write about his years as a teacher at The Clearing Folk School in Door County, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, time ran out before his vision was taken to fruition.

    In the winter of 2013-14,the essays were gathered and compiled by Alice D’Alessio, Albert DeGenova, Jude Genereaux and Susan O’Leary and (in the spirit Norb foresaw) have now been published by After Hours Press as the book entitled The Professor’s Quarters.  

   This collection stands as testimony to The  Clearing Folk School, to Norbert Blei as Teacher, and to his writer-students.

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The Professor's Quarters, essays by students of Norbert Blei and their experience of his class at The Clearing Folk School, $15.00

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Norbert Blei in the Schoolhouse at The Clearing Folk School

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